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We are part of the JIWANRAM SHEODUTTRAI GROUP, one of the leading Industrial Marketing and Resource organizations in India.

Solvent Recovery System


Brofind specializes in the treatment of volatile organic compounds contained in the emissions of industrial processes. They provide special solutions ranging from the design and engineering to complete turnkey plants for the most common technologies: solvent recovery systems with activated carbon and traditional, catalytic or thermal, recuperative or regenerative oxidizers.

Brofind can boast prestigious references in various industries, such as printing (flexographic, rotogravure, roto-offset, etc.), coating and lamination of flexible packaging, adhesive tapes, painting and coating.

Brofind can also provide plants for the storage/distribution of inks and solvents, systems for the automatic control and regulation of airflow and outlet concentrations from printing machines, together with auxiliary plants, (for instance, water and condensate treatment plants in solvent recovery processes), or energy recovery systems for production.

Thanks to their highly specialized staff, Brofind can offer full after-sales service on both new and existing plants, including: relocation, upgrading or performance improvements, routine and breakdown maintenance, instrument calibration, software and automation. Additional services include the supply of activated carbon, its reactivation and sieving, onsite, by means of a specially designed portable machine.

Solvent Recovery plants
Solvent recovery plants with activated carbon enable the customer to recover and reuse the solvent back in his production rather than discharging it into the atmosphere. These plants can be designed with steam or inert gas regeneration, including a final distillation section. The plant guarantees a rapid return on investment and it is particularly suitable for high solvent consumptions.

Thermal Oxidation plants
Thermal oxidation plants (post-combustion plant) are suitable for all applications where it is not desired or practical to recover the solvent. The current technology allows you to achieve autothermal conditions (no fuel consumption), in many cases.

Solvent Storage and Distribution
Brofind also provide solvent storage and distribution plants, with the possibility of local or remote monitoring of current stock levels, in order to evaluate the correct purchasing schedule or potential sales.

Automatic L.E.L. Control systems
Brofind can design and install automatic systems to optimize the emissions on rotogravure, flexographic, laminating and coating machines. Such systems not only allow you to reduce the energy consumption on the printing machine, but also to increase its safety, (through the continuous monitoring of LEL's within the process), and to reduce the investment and operating costs of downstream purification plants.

Energy Recovery
Energy can be recovered from most thermal combustion plants in the form of thermal oil, steam or cooling water by exploiting waste heat from the process which would otherwise be lost to atmosphere.

Website : www.brofind.it

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