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PET / PP Sheet Line

Costruzioni Meccaniche Luigi Bandera S.p.A., ITALY

Bandera innovation: a synonym for excellence Since 2000s, Bandera has developed and improved a cutting edge extrusion system for the production of PET sheet and foil from both virgin material and recycled PET. Up to the present, this unique Bandera co-rotating twin-screw technology has been applied to more than 60 extrusion lines for the production of high quality PET sheet and foil. The system has been patented by Bandera (Patent EP 1226 922 B1). Bandera extrusion line achievable throughput exceeds 2 tons per hour. Raw material standard composition - for the twin-screw "core" layer - is 100% recycled PET flakes from post-consumer PET bottles and/or PET skeleton waste from thermoforming and/or PET reground bottle preforms. Bandera customers usually include some virgin PET material as external capping layers (functional barrier; up to 7.5% each layer) to obtain the classic A-B-A structure.

Twin screw technology main advantages: best flexibility

  • Superior flexibility in extruding several thermoplastic materials (PLA
  • PS - PP) intended for packaging. No screw replacement required, with excellent output levels if compared with single screw extrusion technology and twin screw extruders by other manufacturers.
  • Recipe & colour changeover with no line stoppage. Material recipes, formulations and colour changeover are largely eased by Bandera extrusion process (no line shutdown is required). Minimized material residence time and self-cleaning properties of the co-rotating twin screw extruder typically allow for operation cycle completion in 5÷10 minutes, thus resulting in significant savings in line running time, material consumption and waste.
  • Extrusion screws consist of mixing and conveying modules assembled on broached shafts. The barrel construction is modular, too, and involves nitrided steel sections.
  • Reduced encumbrance leads to logistic and infra-structure cost reduction.
  • Higher line output if compared with standard-type extruders (up to 2500 kg/h with 2C135 mm 52D extruder). Minimum output: 400 kg/h. Highly experienced engineers and skilled technicians form Bandera technical and engineering dept. allow Bandera to offer its customers tailor-made extrusion lines. Screw and

Website : www.luigibandera.com

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