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We are part of the JIWANRAM SHEODUTTRAI GROUP, one of the leading Industrial Marketing and Resource organizations in India.

Vertical Form Fill Seal

Jupack Co., Ltd., Korea

The Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine comprises of a Product Filler & the VFFS Bagging Unit. The Product Filler (Liquid / Paste – Piston, Peristaltic Filler etc, Solids - Fillers - Multihead or Linear Weighers, etc., Powders & Granules - Auger Fillers, Cup Fillers, etc.) controls the amount of product to be dispensed. In the bagging unit the heat sealable film flowing vertically folds around a forming plough, then vertical seals are imparted by horizontal seal is imparted at the bottom of the pouch to form the bottom seal and at next the filler dispenses the product and then the top seal is imparted to form a Standard VFFS sealed pillow Pouch or Stand-up Pouches.

The VFFS packaging machine is generally used for all kind of products but not for the fragileproducts. It is also considered where the customer requires a stand up pouch or a pouch with a zipper and or with a spout that facilitates ease of opening and comfortable consumption of products. VFFS machines can deliver Pillowpouches, flat bottom pouches. Brick packs.

Website : eng.jupack.co.kr

  • Unimark International
  • Unimark International
  • Unimark International

What We Offer:

We offer VFFS technology, which has evolved over three decades. The continual feedback from our clients has been incorporated in our machine design and resulted in developments mentioned below:

  • 35 different types of packs, from traditional pillow bags, to stand up bag with square bottom and four seals and the open and reclosed types to suit the customers packaging requirement.
  • Long Dwell Technology ensures maximum seal time and maximizing the seal integrity thereby ensuring hermetic seals
  • Modified Atmospheric Packaging ensuring longer product shelf life
  • Auto Variable Length Adjustment System.
  • High Speed model which go up to – 200 ppm
  • In house manufacturing of High end Multi-head Weighers and end of line solution check weigher metal detector to ensures one point contact and responsibility for entire system
  • Brushless and Asynchronous motor driving with power supply able to use the Power generated by the same motors
  • Special machines for milk powder, frozen foods, long pasta etc.